Some New Guidelines On Selecting Root Factors For Wedding Planning

Find out more at Raquel Shutt is the owner of Wedding Savvy Inc., a full-service wedding planning company based in Annapolis. Ask Raquel Having a problem planning that special event or party? Experienced a pre-wedding day crisis? Write to Raquel at for savvy social advice. A reader named Maryellen wrote describing two problems regarding an upcoming wedding in which she's a member of the Bridal party. The bride is reluctant to register for any gifts and doesn't want to do a "Honeypot," a registry to help fun the honeymoon. "She just wants cash. How do we go about wording that in an invitation?" Maryellen asked. A second issue is there are six bridesmaids in the Bridal party. The maid of honor's daughter is part of the group and is in college. Her mother is demanding the bridesmaid costs be split five ways instead of six because of her daughter's college costs.

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